Imani Olear serves, currently as the Senior Pastor of Reformation Lutheran Church, in the heart of Rochester.  She is the founder of Yoga 4 A Good Hood, Inc. and the co-owner of TRU Yoga in the South Wedge. 


Through public speaking, sacred sessions and yoga, Imani works towards helping others heal from shame, learn about forgiveness and loving kindness as a practice, as well as, renewal & reconciliation whether it is as a church, business and individually.  

As she has practiced yoga over the years, off and on, I have noticed the lack of people of color, of different body abilities and persons of certain economic backgrounds accessibility to a yoga practice. For many within our communities, it is a practice that is out of reach and not in touch with the realities of what they are experiencing. Not only that, for many, they have expressed that they see no benefit in having a yoga practice because they have to go back to the hell of life. 


"My hope is to expand love

in our communities." 

~ Imani Olear

As a woman of color, that struggles through lupus, rheumatoid arthritic and other autoimmune diseases coupled with a background of feeling broken, experienced hardship and struggle, abuse and self degradation she understands the need for love & peace in ones life. 

The book, "Living Buddha, Living Christ" by Thich Nhat Hanh has been an inspiration for creating a balance in her practice on the mat and off the mat. Imani, as the founder of the project, YOGA 4 A GOOD HOOD,  has been quoted saying, “I strongly believe that bringing Yoga For A Good Hood into the city of Rochester will begin to address the issues of brokenness, hardship, struggle, abuse and self degradation and people will find peace within instead of always seeking something outside of themselves.  You see, my AHA moment was that between my journey of entering into yoga teacher certification, facing the stereotypes that I don't look like the average yogi is that I realized that I want that peace not just for me but for everyone because Yoga is bigger than just me.”

In learning about loving deeper, Imani believes it will bring:  Peace of mind for all; Peace of heart for all; Peace of community. And in turn, we all can say with confidence - Blessed are the peace- makers and be called children of God. Whatever that looks like or defined as - for us individually in our communities. 

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Love ambassador

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