Love ambassador

Working together in love


A little bit about me:  

Student. Speaker.  Mentor.  Teacher.  Preacher. Yogi.  

Known in some circles as the urban yogi pastor or mamma yoga.  

My education background:

  • BS - Philosophy and Theology

  • M.DIV - Theology

  • MMBSR - Mindfulness and Stress Reduction Training

  • Mindfulness Certification 

  • ACIM student

  • Over 1200 HRS Yoga Teacher Training

I've been working over the last 10 + years I have been studying spiritual teachings and gone through my fair share of dark nights of my soul to arrive at the place and space, where I, today, cannot imagine not blending, weaving and merging the worlds of seen and unseen, spirituality with practicality and alchemy with the mundane.


To me, that’s the space of miracles, satisfaction, joy, fulfilment and content. It’s why I am here – and more importantly, why you are also. To unfold the path so we can all find our way home - in love. 

In love and light

Imani Olear

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